LaundryNCart – Laundry Script | On demand laundry and drycleaning script

The online business has turned out to be progressively focused and the correct answers for your business are extremely vital in expanding deals and in addition enhancing your business. Client’s prerequisite was to build up an android versatile application for Laundry Service Management. This is to encourage their customers to put in their clothing requests.
Features they preferred include intimation to the respective store, pick up agent to pick up the laundry items from respective customer’s location with ordered invoice etc. Payments are to be made by Cash on Delivery / online payment, HOST will be the platform of communication for customers and stores to transfer the laundry orders. This is precisely what Roamsoft will enable you to accomplish.
LaundryNCart - Laundry Script | On demand laundry and drycleaning script
LaundryNCart – Laundry Script | On demand laundry and drycleaning script
What We Did
Roamsoft technologies studied client’s requirement and provides a platform for laundry service thus developed a LaundryNcart App with customized features to manage laundry services. We focused on even the littlest subtle elements and improved customers encounter, customers can consistently put in their orders by choosing an adaptable laundry store accessible adjacent their area.
On placement of order by customers, the order suggestion will be sent to the particular laundry store through host stage. Presently, the particular clothing store will send a get operator with proforma to gather the clothing things. Each store proprietor will have a web login benefit, to see the order details placed by customers. We paid attention to even the smallest details and improved user experience, customers can seamlessly place their orders by selecting a flexible laundry store available nearby their location.
While placing order customers have to pick the clothes, no of quantity for service, select the cleaning mode (say dry cleaning or etc.). On completion of order placement, user will be shown the approximate delivery time based on the normal turnaround time of the vendors, provisions to mark express delivery is also available.
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